Sunday, March 18, 2012


I feel like it is a total MUST to blog about this .

As you know, I'm in love. And I am really in love.

I can now tell you what it means to be in love. When you're in love, you change for the better. Because of the special someone, he led you back on track in life, to where you are suppose to head to and even better.

When you're in love, you just want to be perfect for that person. You are willing to quit your old habits just to make sure nothing sabotages your relationship.

I had a wonderful time today with my boyfriend. Nothing fancy about our date. Just a simple walk from town to  Marina Bay Sands. It was the heart 2 heart talks and the company we had the whole day that made everything worthwhile.

I believed in love again all thanks to you, LEE BO TAO NO HEAD. heheheh <3

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A change in my life

Shall just update from where I last remembered...

So I shall start from Valentine's day since I have pictures that are not uploaded on my blog..

Who says that Valentine's day must be spent with your the other half. It could be equally as awesome even when spent with your friends. I spent my V day meeting up with my girlfriend and my groups of hunks. But nothing can make my mood better by putting on some new clothes and feeling chic the whole day.

All thanks to my baby girl for advising what should I wear and which earrings to match

We look so cute against the red wall ~

Met my babies at Raffles and we went to have dinner at DTF and picture taking at Marina Bay Sands

And then following this was Daniel's departure back to Brisbane :( I will miss TDY very much :'(


And then it was the commencement of the stupid exams I can't take that shit balls anymore it was so tiring I slacked the whole exam period away :P

And then after exam, its time to feel rejuvenated again...

But actually the person to thank for motivating me through this entire stupid exam period is none other then my boyfriend Xav.

I mean we are not officially tgr yet but things are looking great and going on just fine. I think I'm in love finally :3

Love you bb ^^ <3

Sunday, February 12, 2012

How's life treating you lately

Life is treating me rather unfairly ever since the start of the year :(

Hate all this rushing for assignments , studying for quizzes, going to school. I hate all these fast paced shit. I just hope life can slow down once in a while.

I want to ....

Soak in the bathtub and drink coconut juice
Have a relaxing whole body massage
Eat pasta
Sit and look at the sea

Basically, I just want life to remain like how it is like during 3-4am int the morning. I want to feel skinny and flat and also rejuvenated. I want my face to glow with happiness.

Glowing skin looks so pretty.

When you're happy.. everything just lfalls into place. Nothing can stop you. You're invincible...

I feel super duper vexed these days. Its like I have a lot of things to do but I am just too lazy to start doing anything. Im losing drive...

And people these days are just so weird. They expect so much from you.

Love my friends who always give me love and support when I need them...

Daniel just got back from Aussie and going back soon next week :( He won't be coming back till like next year. I'm going to miss TDY :'(

I want to blog more but I'm damn tired and lazy.

It's 11:11. I just want someone good enough for me. And to encourage me during this period of time

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


You know I get damn pissed off because even if we're not dating or whatsoever, the least you could do is to respect me as a friend.

And I don't even remember saying " HEY DATE ME CUZ IM SO DESPERATE TO DATE YOU "

Seriously, what are you douchebags thinking about.

Just for heaven's sake stop thinking every single girl wants you to date them out because even if I did, I'm so turned off by how you take me forgranted.

So pissed off I can burn your ballz out right now.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 Resolutions

Before I start, I am craving for a Banana and a peanut butter with kaya sandwich. I am so hungry right now. I wanted to have a Double Cheeseburger but Kenny wanted to meet me so I held back my cravings and waited for him to ask me out.

BUT HE HAD TO CANCEL ON ME AT THE 11TH HOUR. And so now adding on to my double cheeseburger craving, I am having a weird banana + peanut butter & kaya sandwich crazeee.

This year is the only year that I am late in blogging about my new year resolutions. Sometimes I think about what is the purpose of blogging about it when it never ever happens. It was kind of scary to actually realise that a year pass in such a blink of an eye.

2011 was such a shitty year for me. I hope it ends and never ever continue. However apparantly from the looks of what is happening on the first day of 2012, I have to say that I think this suckiness is in to stay.

What is going to be different is my mindset and my attitude.

I feel that I am such a completely different person now and somehow I hate what I am becoming into. Nevertheless, I feel that the change is good because it armed me with essential skills to survive in this harsh world.

I think being exposed to all these weird people at 18 is indeed an eye opener. I wouldn't say that I regretted meeting all these douche in my life but somehow, I thank them.

Because of them, I have the motivation and determination to groom myself into a better person. For every douche that duped me, I automatically think that its because of the not-up-to-standard physical appearance. Thus I never ever stopped working on it and I love how I look today.


For every douche that duped me, I learnt how to let go within a day. Adding on, I learnt how to not give a shit and be fine in a couple of days. This is a very very very essential skill that I think not many will attain in such a short period of time BUT I DID IT.

That was my acheivement of the year I would guess.

For 2012,

I want to obviously lose more weight. I hope and I pray that I don't meet any more douche. I shall get back on track with my studies and I think that I loved how I adopted the just-give-it-your-best-shot attitude.

I hope that I can mantain my friendship with all my friends despite the busy schedule. Adding on, I want to save up and buy my very first Prada bag.

I think it isn't a difficult acheivement.

So bring it on 2012, because 2011 was shit, I think you could be shittier but I would just take you down like how I did in 2011. Nothing will ever stop me or bring me down. I know that because nothing can ever stop me.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!

So how was your Christmas Eve everyone?

I spent my Christmas eve with some new friends. Went to party the night away at Zirca. Great company I would say. Music was so awesome and I didn't want it to end.

My neck is aching now. I have no idea if it was me shaking my head to the music or was it due to a bad position when I was sleeping.

I ordered Macdonalds and I actually only asked for 1 apple pie but I ended up with 1 breakfast deluxe and another apple pie :)

Anyway my Christmas eve was awesome. Too bad the awesomeness can't continue till Christmas :(

Friday, December 23, 2011

Festive Seasons

Where should I start? Its been ages. I know I am always saying that I'll update regularly but I didn't make it a habit. I'm just too busy. I really swear.

I think that a photoblog would be much easier to update but it lacks the personal thoughts and opinions about the events that has been happening.

So... I think I would continue from where I last stopped. I'll refer to my facebook for the updates.

I will start from... SPE! My student perforamance evaluation ended a couple of months ago. I sang Christina Aguilera's Fighter and Alin's 爱请问怎么走. Somehow I only managed to grasp the mix voice technique ONE day before my SPE.

Kind of amazing but I wonder why I always only manage to get the technique a day in advance.

So this is my Stage 3 Pop Vocal class over at Hark Music. Actually I only joined in this year May. I was under Bryan but then the class had to be postponed because Bryan went to UK for some exchange programme.

And then after 6-8 months, I went to join Caleb's class. Thank god for meeting all my lovely classmates. Although we vary in age but we have one common hobby and that is to sing. I really enjoy my time over at Hark Music.

I can't explain the awesome feeling but somehow it just feels like family.

And these are some photos taken during my performance...

At the end of the day I was really happy with my results., I scored 89/100 !!! Omg how is that even possible! Whatever it was, it was the experience and the skills learnt that made me a person with an extra skill at the end of the day.
I also met up with my cousins

Been awhile since I last saw them both. We had our 1 for 1 starbucks! And had a mad time shopping around NEX.  Catching up with your family feels really good. And I really missed my cousins dearly,

I took my Delf exam sometime early in the month. I kind of screwed it up but you know what, I think I will at least get a pass. Life is sometimes too tiring to always try to be serious.

Sometimes being laid back makes you a much happy person.

For instance, this Term test alone, I didn't really felt stress. I only studied 6 hours prior to the paper. Of course I know I will not do as well but I've learnt to stop expecting so much out of myself.

You are only young once and when is the best time to enjoy other then now? I know I will regret somehow at the end of the day but right now I want to enjoy my youth to the fullest before regretting that I did not had any fun then.

Had early x'mas dinner with my pups yesterday.. It felt cosy to always know that you have a group of friends who will always be there for you even when you have a horrible hair dye .. :)

Last but not least, I am going to revamp my room very soon. I'll be drawing up a blue print later or something. Haha! Going to Bangkok on the 28th. I will then have something to blog about hopefully.

The weather these days are making me gloomy. Its so wet and I don't feel like going anywhere right now. I want to sleep all day but hey... The school holidays are ending soon :(

Merry X'mas everyone

I'll be going to Zouk tmr. Hopefully it will be a nice X'mas countdown.